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01 Apr 2020

20 startups to follow in 2020 // The Pulse #1

In February, Miguel Amador and I selected 20 Startups (from the EIT Health Network) that we believe could be the game-changers of the European Healthcare Industry in 2020. The shortlist is based on the capital raised within the EIT Health Network (e.g. after winning a flagship EIT Health Award).

Published on: EIT Health Alumni
Co-authors: Miguel Amador
24 Mar 2020

Top 5 expected technology-based health innovations in 2020

In the midst of this emergency, I wrote about something positive with the best tech innovations expected to change healthcare in 2020.

Published on: Impactscool
Other Languages: [ITA]
20 Mar 2020

[INTERVIEW] Sanità digitale, un viaggio con Adriano Fontanari fra salute ed innovazione

In this interview, I told about my journey into health tech innovation and how new technologies are transforming this sector.

Published on: Impactscool
17 Mar 2020

Small Individual Actions Have a Huge Impact For all. #itsuptoUs

As healthcare innovators and European citizens, we believe, and feel, that it is our duty to European values and the European community, to share our recent experiences! #itisuptoUs

Published on: EIT Health Alumni
Co-authors: Alessio Smeraldo, Angela Costagliola, Mauro Quinzi, Salvatore Pirri, and Stefania Raimondo.
04 Mar 2020

2020 Technical Summit: Six Startups Leveraging Needs-based Design

Nina Capital, brought together their investment team, partners and friends around their portfolio companies that presented their biodesign-based solutions. Experts coming from the US also discussed the challenges and opportunities for European companies looking at entering the US market.

Published on: Digital Health Today

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